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Old Bob’s has the largest selection of supplies and feed in the Midwest. We take care to choose high quality feeders, houses and items for your wild birds you just cant find anywhere else. Our feeders last more than a season. We were the first in the industry to create mixes without cheap fillers. Ask for our Old Bob White bird mixes, all edible and a taste treat for your birds.Coming soon Nutra Saff Safflower and our on line store for those days you want quality products but do not have time to drive to our store. Thank you for your support. Old Bob

wild birds
One of our customers lost a tree in a storm that held a nesting cavity for three juvenile Pileated Woodpeckers. He quickly mounted the section of the trunk with the nest and secured with duct tape. All three birds survived and to my knowledge this is the first recorded duct tape woodpecker house. Kits for a duct tape house can be purchased in 30 yard rolls at your local hardware store. For all your other birding needs visit Old Bob’s.

   Are you attracting more than just wild birds? Trying to outwit the squirrels? We do have a some very squirrell resistent bird feeders, or we have some great squirrel feeders as well, if you can’t beat them feed them…Great squirrel video …OB

Thank you very much, but I will not volunteer to photograph an eagle owl attacking my camera…This video was filmed at 1,000 FPS (frames per second) in other words every second a photo is taken…Great slow motion video of an Eagle Owl on the hunt, for you… 


Click Links Below and meet Bird Man Mel Bird Videos! Very informative and no commercial breaks, good bye HBO!

Meet Bird Man Mel

Bird Identification.

Birding Tackle Box.

Hanging Feeders.

Attacting Chickadees

Attracting Nesting Birds

Attracting Cardinals

Attracting Birds With Water

Attracting Goldfinches

Attracting Woodpeckers

Attracting Clinging Birds

Attracting Bluebirds

Attracting Hummingbirds

Squirrel Control

Attracting Squirrels

Attracting Purple Martins

Attracting Orioles

Attracting Bats

Keeping Feeders and Baths Clean

Attracting Butterflys


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