Tiny House Movement

Tiny House movement was not news to Old Bob

Tiny HousePhoto of our cottage model. Priced with window and door.

Since 1975 Old Bobs has been building variations of a tiny house for customers who had a vision. We had an A Frame cottage that we built (1978) on water front behind a customers site. We installed a  sliding glass door and house windows and the customer took over with electricity, carpet drywall etc. He used it as his poker shed which made his wife very happy to have the boys out of the house and out of her hair.

In 1977 we had a 16 x 24 model barn that had an upstairs that had two bedrooms and the downstairs had a kitchen and bath. This is still a popular model, a very efficient building for living and also weekend get away. Mother in-law quarters are also a good use for a tiny house.

Tiny HousePhoto of our Navigator model, this is a 10 x 12 model.

Do your kids need a playhouse? Well one of our buildings would be a great solution that when the kids outgrow the building you can convert it into storage or turn it into your man/woman cave.

tiny houseThis is a photo of a 12 x 10 Saturn series.

Now is the time for all wise people to seek the refuge of a tiny house.