Texture Style 2 is an eclectic blend of natural faux finishes and modern damask patterns all enhanced with metallic inks and special emboss effects. We feature textured damasks in warm copper tones and cool silver combinations. There are bricks, marbles and wood grain patterns, which are perfect for that industrial chic look or elegant home office. Texture Style 2 will add warmth and richness to any room of your home.

Texture Style 2
Black grey and silver global texture wallcovering
Installing Wallpaper

Tips for Success:
The success of hanging your wallpaper, as well as the ease of taking it down are totally dependant on how well you prepare your walls!

Make sure you fill all cracks and holes using spackle. Sand until you have a smooth surface with a medium grit sandpaper.

CLEAN. Wash and rinse walls to remove grease and dirt. The surface must be clean and free of mildew, grease and stains.

For best results, prime all wall surfaces with a high quality primer-sealer before installing wallcovering. Priming properly is key to easy removal later.


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1. Paper often colored and printed with designs and pasted to a wall as a decorative covering.
2. A picture or design displayed on the background of a computer screen or cell phone.
v. wall·pa·pered, wall·pa·per·ing, wall·pa·pers


To cover with wallpaper.

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